AderivaLab (2023) art residency in Itaipuaçú, Rio de Janeiro (2016-2022)

From 2016 to 2019 my partner and I decided to go after a dream, auto-build a house and an art residence in a fisher town near Rio de Janeiro, between the forest Mata Atlántica and the Restinga, endemic ecosystem of Brazilian beaches. Itaipuaçú (in tupi-guaraní menas Pedra Grande que Soa - Big Stone that sounds) has a beautiful natural environment plenty of biodiversity, mountains, waterways and lagoons, but also a fragile ecosystem being affected by the anthropological advance.

AderivaLab (à la dérive Lab) will be an open space in Itaipuaçú dedicated to help to regenerate nature thought art, science and environmental consciousness. People from different fields of knowledge, places arround the world and sensibilities will be very welcome to help to lead with the Antropo-scene challenge from the nature's view. An holistic view on an specific landscape as an act to give nature to nature.

AderivaLab concept will be based on the current MA art research of the transdisciplinar artist Sabina Simon at the University of Rio (UFF-IACs, Rio de Janeiro, 2020-2023), where a cartography of the fundaments of the phytoplankton is created to guide the art expressions sensible in any way with the Antropo-scene: Manifesto Fitoplancton.

The project space is scheduled to begin on 2023 and will count with a garden with a little pool, 2 studios (with 30m2 and 21m2 each), a common space with tools, analogic b/n and cyanotype photography lab, an apartment for single or 2 people with one bathroom and kitchen.

The place is 50km from Rio de Janeiro, from 5 minutes walk from the beach and 15 minutes by car from Itacotiara beach and Itaipú beach and 30 minutes by car from the Maricá's lagoon.