"Uncertainty and invisibility have a powerful potentiality of being."



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Art researcher and gardener, Sabina Simon (Barcelona, ​​1980) lives and works between Barcelona and Rio de Janeiro. Throughout her process, she has privileged uncertainty and invisibility as powerful potentials of being. In her current research in art and natural science, she connects the origins of flora with arts; from here rises Manifesto-Phytoplankton (2020-22), a conceptual cartography about the invisible forest inside a drop of water, with the purpose of (dis)orient contemporary art manifestations sensible to the planetary environmental drift.

She is current finishing her Master of Contemporary Arts Studies Program in the University of Rio de Janeiro (UFF-Artes 2020-22), integrates the arts&nature research group 'Ynterfluxes influenced by decolonial cosmovisions, and count on exhibitions at SESC Consolação (São Paulo, 2022), Tailoring (Curitiba, Brazil, 2021) ), Amalgama (London, 2021), Fundació Miró (Barcelona, ​​2015), Fundación Casa Pintada (Murcia, Spain, 2014), Bienal de Cerveira (Portugal, 2013) and Kuntshalle (Vienna, 2012), among others.


Selected solo exhibitions
2014. O Coração sob a terra, Fundación Casa Pintada-The Gabarron Museum, Murcia
2013. Claridade. New York, Les Capelles, Convent de Sant Agustí, Barcelona
2009. Claridade, Culturalarte Gallery, New York
2009. Don´t look at them, Photographs, Culturarte Gallery, NY

Selective collective exhibitions
2022. Xilograffiti, com Remake Miró, Sesc Consolação, São Paulo
2021. Artist book, A Zero program from Editorial Medusa, Alfaiataria exhibition, Curitiba (11 Nov 2021)
2021. Sur-Sudeste. Impressions of an extraterrestrial entity on Earth, Amalgama, London
2015. Prost, Fundació Joan Miró, Barcelona
2013. O Coração sob a terra, Recorreguts sonors, Convent de Sant Agustí, Barcelona
2013. Face and Performing Face fo the 17th Biennal of Cerveira, Portugal
2012. Prost, Kuntshalle, Museumsquartier, Viena

Grants, residencies
2010, 2012. Research and creation Grant and for Claridade, Dejuni Imaginari and O Coração sob a terra project, Govern de Catalunya
2010. Artist-in-Residence, Claridade, Dejuni Imaginari, mARTadero, Cochabamba, Bolivia

2014. Working group, Procastinar. Cos, acció i afecte, Aimar Pérez Galí, Barcelona
2010. Claridade, collective performance, Museo de Arte Moderna de Brasilia square in collaboration with the Universidade de Brasilia

2020-2022 (ongoing) MA in Contemporary Studies of Art, UFF Artes, Rio de Janeiro
Dynamic Encounters
workshops, EAV, Parque Lage, Rio de Janeiro
Contemporary photography seminars, A critic view, B/W and Color Manual Lab Printing, International Center of Photography, NY
B/W photography lab, MV Photo Gallery Lab, NY
Art Photography, Escola d'Art Serra i Abella, Barcelona
Design, Escola Elisava, Barcelona



Sur-Sudeste. Impressions of an extraterrestrial entity on Earth.
Traverse Exhibition -
Amalgama, London, 11 Aug to 29 Sep 2021

Prophetia, curated by Imma Prieto. Prost, Luiz Simoes and Sabina Simon
Fundació Joan Miró, Barcelona
12th March 19:30h. 03/03 - 07/06/2015

O Coração sob a terra - Performance and installation
The Cellar, Fundación Casa Pintada - Museo Cristóbal Gabarrón, C/ San Francisco, 14, Mula, Murcia
Performance - 13th February 2014, 8pm
Performers - Ilona Scheider, Diego Caicedo and Sabina Simon
Installation - 13th February till 16th March 2014
press release

O Coração sob a terra performance, Cellar of the Fundación Casa Pintada - Museo Cristóbal Gabarrón

O Coração sob a terra installation. Cellar of the Fundación Casa Pintada - Museo Cristóbal Gabarrón

O Coração sob a terra - Recorreguts sonors 2013, accions i mutacions sonores
Claustre, Convent de Sant Agustí, C/ Comerç,36, Barcelona
21th November 2013
Performers: Ilona Schneider, Verónica Reussi, Gabriel Millán
I already heard it but hardly listened. It happened during the third night.
The walls of the house absorbed the echoes of their beats, as if low pitched sounds were the only ones able to cross lands, foundations and walls.
Now, again, tum tum, tum tum ...
A huge heart’s beat seemed to be buried under the weight of land emitting vibrations,
"a movement signal passing through matter, changing it and engraving in it, briefly, his drawing" (O Som e o sentido. Uma outra história das músicas, Wisnik, José Miguel, Companhia das Letras, São Paulo, 1989) more

Ilona Schneider as one of performers, O Coração sob a terra performance, Convent de Sant Agustí, Barcelona


Claridade, New York solo exhibition
Les Capelles, Convent de Sant Agustí, C/ Comerç,36, Barcelona. T.932565000 www.conventagusti.com
From 7 to 31 October, 2013. FINISSAGE 24 October, 7pm
What is the meaning of vision now, when image has nearly no limits? What is the image now, when the sense of sight intersects lines between perceived reality and reliable experience? The premiere in Barcelona of Claridade, New York, first part of the trilogy Claridade, shows the work of the catalan artist Sabina Simon (Barcelona, 1980) where the presence and absence of the sense of sight converge together to analyze the human behavior and debate on the principles of photography. more


Face, Liquid Images & Performing Face, selected works for the 17ª Biennal of Cerveira. The subject of debate and reflection of the Bienal will be Art: Crisis and transformation, (...) By definition of its nature, the culture criticism, inaugurates and discusses the future, every day that goes...
Vila Nova da Cerveira, Portugal
From July 27th to September 14th, 2013 and Saturday 31th August 2013, 4pm for "Performing Face"
Forming ends, transforming begins. Face takes part of the initial part of Claridade in New York during 2009. Claridade reflects on the sense of sight in image, playing a performative/photographic praxis where vision is nullified to reach a creative potential. Interrelating photography with semi-opaque materials during 2013, Face is transferred on liquid paraffin, which after hardened, retains the image on its surface like a black amorphous mirror. In Performing Face, the image is melted by the action of heat through the direct intervention of the artist with a hot air gun. During the performance, the act of destroying reflects on the act of transforming and therefore on creating.


O Coraçao sob a terra
-Visual, under-ground and supra-sound installation
PART 1/2: Vocal Jam Session for the O coraç
ão sob a terra project
Performers: Ilona Schneider, Diego Caicedo, Iván Lorenzana, Lina, Gabriel Millán and Sabina Simon.
PART 2/2: Drums Jam Session for the O coraç
ão sob a terra project
Performers: Oscar Durán, Diego Caicedo, Martín del Litto and Octavio Beltrán.
Barcelona, September 2012 - January 2013


PROST, Downfall performance and Instauration
In collaboration with the artist Luiz Simoes, philosopher Luca di Pietri and the Artphilein Foundation
Kuntshalle, Halle G, Tanzquartier, Museumsquartier, Wien, March 30th, 2012


Claridade Presentation, mARTadero, CBBA, Bolivia, November 10th 2010, 9pm


Seminar Desvío para Blanco, mARTadero, CBBA, Bolivia, October 25th to 29th, 2010

The dictatorship of the eye
Sound Universe

Mental processes. The unconscious has no clock
Imagination, memory and dreams. The damnatio Memorae in the Ancient Rome
Who's afraid of white?
Blindness as a metaphor
Acts without perspective. Automation, expressiveness and rationality in the creative process
Aesthetics no longer wants to be pretty
The "retinal art” by Marcel Duchamp
Abstract Expressionism. Jackson Pollock
Who invented the concept? Idea, process and form
Photography, the pampered daughter of the image
The myth of Plato's cave. Shadows and truths
Learn the technical but just enough
References to contemporary artists who deal with image, memory and visibility.


Introduction to the Seminar Desvío para Blanco, mARTadero, CBBA, Bolivia, September 18th 2010


Performance Claridade, National Museum of Modern Art of Brasilia, 2th May, 2010